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SciFinder Web Access (HC): Home

Accessing SciFinder Web


SciFinder Web is a comprehensive database of chemical journal literature and patents which includes CAplus (Chemical Abstracts), the CAS Registry, and other chemical files. SciFinder Scholar can be searched by author, research topic, chemical substance or reaction, CA abstract number, patent number, or by structure drawing. Updated daily. 

SciFinder Scholar is now available via the web for current faculty, students and staff at Haverford College, but you must register before you will gain access to the database. You will be asked to create a username & password, which you will be required to use every time you log in.

Register for SciFinder:

  • User registration for SciFinder
  • Fill out the contact information and create a User Name & Password. There are a few rules you need to follow for creating these. User names must be 5-15 characters, and can be all letters, or can include numbers and limited special characters ( - _ . @ ). The password must be 7-15 characters and must include 3 of the following: 1. letters 2. mixed upper & lower case 3. numbers 4. non-alphanumeric characters.
  • Once you fill out the information on this screen, select the Register button and you will get a confirmation screen saying you will receive an email confirmation from CAS.
  • When you get the email, click on the embedded link to complete the registration process. If you do not do this within 48-hours of receiving this email, you will need to begin the registration process again!
  • Once you click on the link in your email, you will be taken to a screen confirming successful registration and you will be given the URL to log in to SciFinder ( Once you log in from that intro screen, you can have your computer remember your log in information.

Connect to SciFinder:

Login to SciFinder once you've registered.

Training and Tutorials:

There are excellent search instructions including how-to guides and interactive tutorials on the SciFinder Scholar Web site.