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DANC 077B/SOAN 077B: Anthropology of Performance (SC)

Dance 077B/Sociology-Anthropology 077B: Anthropology of Performance (P. Chakravorty)

Dance Librarians

  Arleen Zimmerle
  Bryn Mawr College
  Profile & Guides
  Adam Crandell
  Haverford College
  Profile & Guides
  Donna Fournier
  Swarthmore College
  Profile & Guides

As you think about your research...

  • BE CREATIVE: Some searching will lead to dead ends, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's an end after all. Those gaps of research are often where interest lies. In other words, don't rehash other's research, but rather use theirs to bolster your own unique take.

  • BE THOUGHTFUL: If you discover a citation that might be useful for a classmate's project, tell them about it.

  • BE PROACTIVE: Your research may lead you to materials of interest which are not held in the Tri-College Libraries. Allow yourself time to request materials from other libraries through our Interlibrary Loan Services.

  • BE PATIENT: Research is a fluid process. As you research, your questions will evolve, and that is an excellent sign. If, however, you ever get stuck, ask for help! Your professor and dance librarians are always happy to help you think through your process.